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Seminar on Research Variables


School Health Project on “Side effect of mobile on Health” Organized by the students of (N) 1st Year, Post Basic (N) 2nd Year & B.Sc(N ) 4th Year of SKSS College of Nursing Sarabha (Community Health Nursing Department) under the supervision of Mrs.Kanika and Ms. Jyotika Sharma at Govt. School Rajgarh. Dr. Prabhjot Saini, Principal provided the guidance and opportunity to the teachers and students.

Under this health project, health checkup of students carried out (Height, weight, BMI, dental check-up and eye check-up). Awareness on “side effect of mobile on Health” by given by nursing students with the help of role play and charts. Principal of Government School Rajgarh, teachers & students did the warm welcome of Vice Principal, Trustee members, teachers and students of SKSS College of Nursing Sarabha

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Leprosy Day was celebrated in SKSS College of Nursing Sarabha on 30th Jan 2021 organized by community Health Nursing Department with the theme of 2020-2021 “Leprosy isn’t what you think’.  Mrs.G.K Walia Vice- President of TNAI Punjab State was invited as Guest of Honour for the event. Poster Exhibition and Seminar was Organized under the supervision of Dr.Prabhjot Saini, Principal SKSS college of Nursing and co-ordinated by Community Health Nursing department. Unfolding of the theme was done by Mrs.Kanika Assistant Professor of Community Health Nursing. Mrs.G.K Walia congratulated the organizers and briefly introduced about leprosy & its myths and misconception. Dr.Prabhjot Saini gave the key message of leprosy needs to overcome by early diagnosis and prompt treatment. It also requires changing mindsets so that leprosy is no longer shame and prejudice. We must remove all barriers in the way of those seeking medical care. Leprosy is like a motorcycle. The front wheel represents curing disease and rear wheel symbolizes ending discrimination. Both wheels are required simultaneously to make leprosy free world. Prizes and appreciation awards were distributed in the end.

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Happy New Year 2021


The week of saka sirhind is observed from 21 Dec to 28 December every year SKSSCON organized a 3 day program where Power point presentation on "Saka Sirhind saffar- e – Shadat " was presented in front of sangat 300 students and faculty were present in the benign presence of Guru Granth Sahib ji.

On Day 1 ( 22 December 2020) Guru Gobind Singh Leaving Anandpur Sahib ( 6 poh 20 December ) – Crossing of River Sarsa ( Members of the family Guru Gobind Singh ji were separated from each other ) ( 7 poh 21 December ) – Battle of Chamakaur Sahib ( Saheedi elder son of Guru Gobind Singh ji Baba Ajit Singh ji Baba Jujhar Singh ji ) 8 poha 22 December.

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On Day 2 – ( 23 December 2020) We observed – – Martyrdom of Various Singh ( 9 poh 23 December ) – Martyrdom of bibi Harsharan Kaur ( 10 poh 24 December ) Key Gurmat Message Guru Ji treats all of us as his sons and daughters therefore ; therefore, he had no hesitation in letting the elder Sahibzaday fight along with other Singh,while fully aware that they would be martyred.

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"Christmas is forever, not for just one day. For loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away.”

This year Christmas was celebrated with a great fervour and enthusiasm in Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha, college of nursing, Sarabha, Ludhiana.

The entire College was filled by the positive vibrations of Christmas carols. The students had beautifully decorated their classrooms with bells, stars, streamers and angels. Dr. Prabhjot Saini, Principal, SKSS College, gave a message of spreading love and togetherness amongst students and faculty as a true essence of Christmas. The significance of the festival was explained byMs.Margreat Andrais ( Vice Principal, SKSS CON, Sarabha).

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Dr. Prabhjot Saini has joined as Professor cum Principal in Shahid Kartar Singh Sarabha College of Nursing, Sarabha, Ludhiana from 1st December'2020. She was given a warm welcome by Management and Faculty of nursing college. She has 32 scientific paper publications in her credit and has been recipient of young scientist ward. She has been invited in various National and international conferences. She has been recently awarded with PhD degree in Nursing Sciences by Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot by honorable VC Dr. Raj Bahadur. She is the the first candidate to receive doctorate degree in Nursing under university. Dr. Prabhjot Saini has extensively worked on diabetes mellitus and counseling on lifestyle medications and health seeking behavior among rural elderly population. She is an expert in the field of medical surgical nursing specialty and has given radio talks on future of nursing profession and lifestyle modifications among diabetes patients.

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On 5 Dec 2020, sksscon celebrated the 551th Gurupurab of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji under the guidance of supervision of the teachers. Honourable principal mam, trustee members, faculty members and all the students attended the program. Students participated in kaweshri and shabad gayan

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