Vice Principal

 Margreat Andrias

“To acquire love….Fill yourself up with it until you become a magnet.” Charles Haanel

Educating students is part of the college‘s fundamental mission. A college cannot buy its spirit as it buys textbooks, nor can have spirit supplied as basic equipment. College spirit is built up with in the college itself.

Students, you can have knowledge if you take it. Be a leader if you are cable of leading if not be a royal follower but always discriminate between who is worth following & who is not. See what you give to the college is worth giving –work hard, play hard give your best at all times do nothing which will harm your college good name.

Establish your college in your hearts, in your minds as something of which you can be really proud. Nurses are believed to be very hard working & caring .The human minds is a kin to an engine. It work fine when running, but when not in use its rust away.